About JLTC

We provide effective Blended Learning Courses with Seminars and Lessons carried out by professional instructors, supported with on line self-studies.

Professional Instructors

Seminar lectures are provided by professional Japanese and foreign experts. Seminars are provided in English and Japanese depending on client's request.

The Study Methods of Language and The Diagnostics Language Test

Students are able to acquire the language skills through effective learning approaches based on TESOL studies. We use The Diagnostics Language Test as our analytical tool to evaluate the current student language performance and highlight obstacles preventing them from their language acquisition. Because of this, our students are able to learn target language rapidly. We also offer English conversation courses online as well as intensive business English courses, and overseas studies. We also provide the programs for other languages such as Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, French, as well as Japanese for foreigners.

Global Mind Analysis Test

This is the psychological test used to evaluate the global awareness of business people who would like to be active in global business fields. We assess the six elements of global business awareness for students and develop their mindset to prepare them for overseas business

Career Up Seminar

There are many Career Up approaches. This seminar is suited to the people who would like to enter the business field. In order to succeed in business world, you need to be confident and attractive to other people. In the seminar, we train you to be a full-fledged business person through communicational approaches and turn you into a confident, enthusiastic and motivated person who appeals to everyone. This is the course for someone who consider joining a company or changing thier your job.
In the second phase, we provide a career development seminar which supplies valuable know-how to improve career and approach goals. This is best suited to the people who would like to be a manager or to start their own business.

Authorised Language Assessment Center


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