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About ACCA

The ACCA has a worldwide membership of 208,000 fully-qualified members, and 503,000 students worldwide. For more information, please visit

About computer-based exams

JLTC is able to offer examinations in the Suidobashi-area, Tokyo. The examinations usually take place on weekday evenings between 7pm-9pm. To schedule an examination, please complete the Enquiry Form. Pricing is per the Fee Chart .
The Computer-based exams on offer are as follows:

  1. Foundation level papers - Paper FA1, Recording Financial Transactions Paper MA1, Management Information Paper FA2, Maintaining Financial Records Paper MA2, Managing Costs and Finance Paper FAB, Accountant in Business Paper FMA, Management Accounting Paper FFA, Financial Accounting
  2. ACCA Qualification papers - Paper AB, Accountant in Business Paper MA, Management Accounting Paper FA, Financial Accounting Paper LW, Corporate and Business Law
    * English and Global variants only 
How to register for Computer-based Exams
STEP 1: Complete Online Enquiry Form
STEP 2: JLTC will be in contact to complete your application 

Japan Language Testing Center (JLTC)

EXAM NamePre-Sept CodePost-Sept Code AMOUNT
Recording Financial TransactionsFA1FA1¥9500
Maintaining Financial RecordsFA2FA2¥9500
Management InformationMA1MA1¥9500
Management Information PaperMA2MA2¥9500
Managing Costs and Finance PaperFABFAB¥14000
Financial AccountingFFAFFA¥14000
Management AccountingFMAFMA¥14000
Accountant in BusinessF1AB¥14000
Management AccountingF2MA¥14000
Financial AccountingF3FA¥14000
Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG)F4 ENG(LW-ENG)¥17500
Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO)F4 GLOBAL(LW-GLO)¥17500
* The Amount may vary depending on the date when the examination takes place. Please enquire with Stephen Chambers -
** Payment will be invoiced & needs to be made prior to the examination date to our Japanese bank account in Yen.
*** Post-payment - Should Candidate need to cancel/reschedule their examination, this is possible. For cancellations, the full examination fee will be reimbursed minus any bank transfer charges. For rescheduling, this can be done in communication with Stephen Chambers.
**** Amounts are non-inclusive of Goods and Service Tax


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