Global Seminar

Seminars provided by both Japanese and foreign Professionals


Total Business English(Online TOEIC・Busienss Conversation Course)
Email Writing Course
Power English(Correspondence Course)

Online English Conversation Studies and Studies for TOEIC

( PC & Smart Phone )

Online Studies for English

We provide blended Learning Courses of seminars, group, and private lessons and home studies through online courses.  Students are able to study those courses through PC and Smart Phone, which enables them to study wherever and whenever to flexibly manage their study time.!

The Cross-Cultural Courses for Global Human Resources Development

We provide this course to help students acquire cross -cultural mindset through the training of global communication skills.

Through these courses, students are able to acquire the flexibility and initiative they need for the global business environment and the sucess to communicate effectively with their foreign counterparts.

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Language Study and Analysis Test

The Psychological Method
We provide several tests such as The Global Mind Analysis Test that evaluates the aptitudes for global mind set, and The Diagnostics Test that evaluates fundamental English abilities in order to fdetermine the best curriculum to fit the needs of the target students.
Global Mind Analysis Test

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Recruitment: Employment Opportunities Available

JLTC is always interested in locating candidates to join its growing ranks of professional trainers. Our trainers come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and conduct classes and training sessions at our clients' offices in the Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan, as well as at our headquarters in Tokyo and our branch office in Osaka. While classes instructing client employees in business English and business skills form the bulk of the work our trainers do, we also have opportunities for motivated individuals to lead intensive business skills training seminars. On an irregular basis, opportunities are also available for translators and interpreters, editors and rewriters, and e-learning trainers.

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