We go to great effort to include the latest motivational learning techniques to all our lessons. We know that each student has individual scheduling needs, and that it can be difficult to maintain both motivation and recall of lessons while still working full-time, so we make sure our support staff as well as our teachers provide frequent feedback and encouragement. This policy was adopted due to the experiences of our instructors working hand-in-hand with major Japanese broadcast companies, as well as publishers.



JLTC Seminars

Our charismatic seminar lecturers are invited from all around the world to provide their practical experience and energetic attitudes. They not only teach knowledge and skills, but also pass down to their energy to students. We believe students best learn with hands-on exercises that can be immediately applied to their real-world responsibilities. Our confidence comes from knowing we are able to offer specialized knowledge and skills to motivate learners to pursue their success.

Overseas OJT

These are programs designed for those students who would like to experience overseas working environments, particularly in the Philippines and India. We provide revolutionized programs incorporating both language learning and hands-on experience through OJT. Students will be directly exposed to sales, marketing, finance, and IT field work in foreign countries.

Staff Services

At Enspirit, we believe that a global human resources company needs to provide people capable of meeting the demands of any business environment, regardless of nationality, culture, or borders. Enspirit provides people with the flexibility, training, and hands-on experience, to best fit those needs.